Monday, August 20, 2007

Love Horoscope

For Monday, August 20 through Sunday, August 26, 2007

Your emotions are running strong early this week, and there may be a
lot more going on than you realize at first. Take a few days to do
things your way (it'll be fun for sure) before turning to your date,
crush or sweetheart to see how they want to do things. You're totally
driven on Friday and Saturday, so much so that you may frighten the
wrong person -- but they'll come around to your viewpoint before long.
Everything comes together on Sunday, and you can just kick back and
enjoy the progress you've made.

Your feelings reach a new depth on Monday that might feel fantastic
(or torturous, depending on the situation). The good news, if you need
it, is that things are due for improvement soon. The middle of the
week is all about money, which may or may not have an effect on your
love life. Make sure you take your finances seriously either way. As
the weekend begins, you feel a new connection with your body and your
life that should make romance come much more easily. Watch out for
weird struggles between you and your date or sweetie on Sunday,

Take care of your mental and emotional health on Monday, because
otherwise you might let it slide and need to play catch-up later in
the week. Nobody needs that! You're focused on one person for most of
the middle of the week, and odds are that they're all about you, too.
If you're not dating yet, now is the time to ask. The worst that can
happen is a delay. You may find that Friday and Saturday bring
unexpected challenges that make you wish life were easier -- but if
you step up, things should smooth over soon.

Big stuff is happening as the week begins, and while you may not be
able to control it, you can at least tell that it's mostly taking you
in a positive direction. The middle of the week is all about service
and volunteering, and you may find it rewarding to spend time on a
community project with a sweetie -- or find one while you're giving
back! The weekend brings out your shy side, though that might be just
what the right person is looking for. Try to make sure you're open to
overtures, and you ought to be in the right place really soon.

Something you haven't quite caught onto yet is having a profound
impact on your love life. Look more deeply Monday, and you'll be sure
to spot it at last. Midweek is the perfect time for romance, whether
it's brand-new or years in the making. You've got the right energy,
and should be able to get Sweetie's motor purring without any serious
obstacles. The weekend brings out your swaggering side, so make sure
you aren't showing off too much for the person you want to impress, or
you may end up needing to backpedal.

Look at your romantic situation more deeply on Monday, and you're sure
to find complexities that you hadn't noticed before. It could very
well be that you need to adapt, and now is the time. Try not to get
too restless midweek; temper your impulse to rush ahead with an
awareness that the time must be exactly right before you can do so.
The weekend is the best time to make any romantic move, as you've got
good energy. Bonus: The universe is receptive to your actions now.

Whatever's going on at the start of the week, commit to it
wholeheartedly. Your willingness to go all the way with it makes it
sure to succeed. You're able to express yourself quite clearly midweek
-- more so even than usual -- and ought to find it simple to tell the
object of your affection exactly how you're feeling. Don't be too
surprised if your past catches up with you a wee bit early this
weekend, but don't let it drag you too far down. Sunday is sure to be
a blast, as long as you're with your sweetie or a date.

Your magnetism is legendary, but on Monday it's totally out of
control! If you're seeing someone, they may get jealous from all the
attention you get from cute strangers. Your impulsive side pops out
midweek and makes life a lot more interesting. You may make a move on
someone you didn't even know you liked, or surprise your partner with
something extravagant. As the weekend rolls in, you become a bit more
stubborn and determined to get your way, no matter what. This may
cause some domestic disputes on Sunday, but you handle them well.

Monday sees you kind of pokey and distracted, though it's nothing to
worry about. Your mood picks up in a big way midweek, and you may find
your friends going out of their way to upgrade your love life (even if
it seems maxed out already!). From dropped hints to brazen set-ups,
they find new ways to brighten your life. The weekend is all about
communication, and you're totally engaged with one person who really
seems to get you. Don't hold back -- your original thinking is your
biggest asset at the moment.

You may feel a bit reserved on Monday, and while you're not
disengaged, it could be a concern for your date or partner if you come
across as distant. It may be a good time to spend alone, as the rest
of the week is much more energetic for you. Most of the middle of the
week is snappy and surprisingly speedy -- you may come a lot farther
than you had thought you would. The weekend is almost perfect for you,
and you find that all your plans work out perfectly, even those that
count on notoriously flaky people.

You're moving through Monday as if at half-speed, but that's okay --
sometimes you need to conserve your energy and just let the rest of
the world catch up to you. Something big happens midweek that expands
your romantic world in a big way. It could be that you meet someone
new, but it could just as easily be your long-term partner making a
bold suggestion. You may feel the need to balance this freedom with
new limits this weekend, but that phase won't last long, and Sunday's
positive energy could be legendary.

Though you feel great on Monday, at the same time you don't want to be
bothered with any decisions. Let your date or sweetie make the call,
whatever it is. You're all fired up midweek with a sense of what you
deserve, even if you have no idea how to get there. It's the first
step, though, and might lead to some very interesting romantic
situations. Someone surprising lends a hand to your latest love
adventure this weekend, making something considerably easier than you
had thought it would be. On Sunday, your altruistic instincts pay off
in a big way.

Love Horoscope

For Monday, August 13 through Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weird business is going down during the first half of the week. It may
seem as if someone is trying to actively interfere with your love
life, though if you look more deeply into the situation, you may find
that there's a lot more going on than simple agitation. During
Thursday and Friday, you find that someone else -- maybe your sweetie
or crush, but maybe not -- takes up more of your time than you want.
If you push ahead with them, things can resolve in the best possible
way. There is big romantic business going on behind the scenes this
weekend, so let it work its magic.

You're having too much fun to worry about the future this week, and
each moment feels just right -- especially when you're with the right
person! If you're looking, now is the time to redouble your efforts,
as you couldn't be hotter. Mix things up a little later on in the
week, maybe by trying a new club or restaurant or just saying hello to
someone who isn't really your type. Whatever happens, expect the
weekend to be intense. If you're involved with someone, expect greater
depth. If not, it could be time for a new crush!

Communication, usually your strong suit, fails you somewhat this week
-- but mostly with people you know well. If you're dating, you might
not even notice the change, but if you're serious with someone, expect
a bit of confusion until you can get it all settled. By Thursday, your
good energy should be back in full force, and you ought to be able to
have a good time doing almost anything. You may find a surprise
connection with the right person. Help someone close with an issue
that's bugging them this weekend, and the reward will surprise you.

The first few days of the week lend themselves well to communication
of all types, from asking out new people to hashing out bathroom
rights with long-term partners. You know what you want and how to ask
for it -- and you also know how and when to compromise. Your home is
especially important to you on Thursday and Friday, and this could
make you a bit defensive if the wrong issue pops up at the wrong time.
You've got plenty of good energy this weekend, though you're probably
not sure what to do with it!

Don't let money woes interfere with your love life this week -- though
couples may argue over it, there's no good reason for finances to push
aside romance indefinitely. If you're dating, try long walks or
museums, since you can get to know people even better that way.
Thursday and Friday are perfect for dates or just hanging out
together, as you find yourselves getting along better than ever
before. It could be a sign that it's time to take things further. The
weekend is a good time for reflection on what you've been through and
what you want to do with your love life.eo>

The first half of the week is almost perfect, at least as far as
you're concerned. Your energy is great, you may hit a new high in your
life and if you're lucky, you're hitting it off with the right person.
If you're looking for love, now is the time to get it! By Thursday,
you may want to rein in the action a bit, as you're prone to impulsive
behavior that you may regret later. The weekend is a great time to
think hard about your life and what you really want -- with a partner
or on your own.

Your sensitive side is making the most of the week, and you should
find that the first few days are easy as pie, no matter what's on your
plate. If you're courting, now is the perfect time to give thoughtful
gifts or offer up just the right words at just the right time. Your
flirty side comes out in force on Thursday and Friday, though it
shouldn't give rise to jealousy, as everyone can tell you're just
having a good time with your positive energy. You may need to turn
your attention to work or school this weekend, thanks to an unexpected
turn of events.

A secret that means a lot to you makes the first few days of the week
a little extra special for you and one other person. It could be that
you need to share it to gain the maximum benefit, though! You find
decision-making a bit more difficult than usual Thursday and Friday,
but it's not like you'll be expected to make any big, dramatic calls
any time soon. Your intense energy makes the weekend a blast for you
and anyone you happen to be attracted to at the moment. It could be a
good time to take things to a new level.

A boss or teacher, or maybe even a parent, is going to get between you
and your love life this week, but there's no use fighting it quite
yet. Sometimes you just have to accept setbacks as part of the
give-and-take of love. While your feelings simmer, it might be a good
time to prepare yourself for a date or encounter you're looking
forward to -- this is one of those situations when thinking ahead
really will help! By the weekend, your emotional energy starts to
flood back, and your dreams almost certainly bring clues about what to
do next.

The first half of the week is better spent on planning than on acting,
though of course you need to keep things going a bit from time to
time. When you're ready, spring your fully formed scheme on your
unsuspecting sweetie and see what happens! On Thursday and Friday,
you're spending a lot more time than usual thinking about your
romantic future, and you may want to discuss it with the right person.
Your friends are key to your love life this weekend, and may have good
advice or even a blind date in store for you.

You may tend to be pretty reserved anyway, but try extra hard early
this week to play your cards close to your chest. There's no need to
go crazy with secrecy, but it's a good idea to be more careful than
usual with your romantic feelings. Things pick up in a big way on
Thursday, and you may find that waiting a few days was the perfect
solution for what could have been a big problem. That good energy
carries you through the weekend, though it may be that you start to
notice deeper feelings starting to well up at some point.

You're all about your relationships early this week, and that includes
more than just romance. Of course, you may want to pay a little extra
attention to your date or sweetie, because you should get the clue
you've been waiting for regarding what to do next. If you've been
seeing someone for a while, small problems might pop up on Thursday or
Friday that seem considerably worse than they really are. Ride them
out and let yourself enjoy the burst of good energy that comes with
the weekend. Let the other person make all the big decisions for now.

Love Horoscope

For Monday, August 6 through Sunday, August 12, 2007

Try not to let money issues cloud your romantic judgment on Monday.
You may need to slow down and work things through before moving on to
the fun stuff. The situation lightens up considerably midweek, and you
ought to find it much easier to say what's on your mind. Get it all
out while you can, though, because by Thursday your feelings turn
inward somewhat and you may find honest communication much more
troublesome than usual. Good energy floods your senses this weekend,
and might create a sense of urgency to take things to the next level.

Financial issues finally work to your advantage on Monday, so ride the
wave of good feelings and see if you can get the right person to share
your POV. You might feel a bit out of it in the middle of the week,
thanks to a manic energy that doesn't quite suit you. It passes
quickly. Thursday and Friday are perfect for telling the object of
your affection just how you feel, no matter how anxious you may be
over their response. Things should settle down a fair amount on the
weekend, which is just right for working on small differences.

Though you may not start the week in the best of moods, you do at
least understand a little more about your sweetie or crush. You ought
to be able to put that information into action midweek, though your
energy is so good that you may instead want to just kick back and let
the good times speak for themselves. Your bank account may get in the
way of serious romance on Thursday and Friday, unless you're able to
get your heart fluttering on the cheap. By the weekend, things ought
to feel much better, and it could be that you find a new intellectual

Monday is the perfect time to sit back and let the romance flow toward
you, rather than the other way around. If it's not forthcoming, you're
not dealing with the right person. You may be quite busy in the middle
part of the week, so try to ensure that you make time for a little
romance in the midst of it all. Thursday and Friday are all about you,
and it's a good bet that someone finally notices you in the right way
and lets you know what's going on. Go a little crazy this weekend --
you deserve it!

Something small brushes up against your ego early this week, and you
should do whatever it takes to ignore it. There's no need to get crazy
over trivia. Your friends are key to your love life midweek -- they
may set you up, or help you and your sweetie overcome some small
obstacle. Your ability to measure your emotional response comes in
handy on Thursday and Friday, as you avoid the temptation to rise to a
seeming challenge. The weekend's energy is nearly perfect for you, and
you find it easy to get along with almost anyone.

Monday is just about perfect for getting along with your date or
sweetie -- you can relate to just about anyone on any level, so flaunt
it! Your mind is as sharp as ever midweek, and you ought to be able to
match wits as if you had a Hollywood screenwriter backing you up. Your
flair for organization comes in handy on Thursday and Friday, as you
find new ways to squeeze extra time out of your day (time that can be
used for all kinds of hanky-panky!). Your flexibility is the key to
getting what you want this weekend, as other people are too caught up
in their own schemes to help.

Dates are nearly perfect on Monday, because your good energy is
perfect for harmonizing with the right person. You might convince them
to take things another step. Your brainpower really kicks in midweek,
and it's easy for you to entertain and surprise your sweetie or date
with spontaneous banter. Try not to get too bent out of shape when
your routines fall apart on Thursday and Friday -- it's all part of
the plan, and things should settle down pretty soon. Check in with
your best friend this weekend.

Monday might seem like absolute chaos -- but you know how to thrive on
havoc, so go nuts and see what you can accomplish romantically. Pull
back a bit in the middle of the week; you'll find that a little tweak
here and there can put you in exactly the right position. Thursday and
Friday are perfect for getting your way, even if you've been stymied
over and over. Your energy is unstoppable. Watch out for a challenge
this weekend. It's vital that you face it directly, even if it seems

Let others set the pace of the day early this week, as you're better
off reacting than trying to lead the way. Your thoughtful side comes
out in a big way midweek, and while you might not solve all the
world's problems, you should at least make a favorable impression on
the right mind. Dates on Thursday or Friday might feel a little
strange, even if you've been seeing each other for a long time. Don't
make a big deal out of it -- sometimes energies are just mismatched
for no good reason. The weekend is much better, and brings good fun as
well as potential gains for you.

Your positive energy and outlook on Monday make it simple for you to
brush past any obstacles -- you can see that they're pretty much
meaningless in the long run. The middle of the week is perfect for
communication with your sweetie or crush, though you may have to cut
to the chase if they seem distracted. On Thursday and Friday, you have
your work cut out for you and can tell what needs to happen for you to
make any romantic progress. The weekend might bring a weird bit of
business, but you handle it with finesse.

A call or message from a family member brings a new perspective on
your love life early this week, but that doesn't mean you're going to
change things overnight! The middle of the week is almost certain to
see things heat up between you and the right person, but you need to
put some of that positive energy to use to make it so. Try not to let
that big brain of yours get in the way, especially Thursday or Friday.
It has its place, but it needs to take a back seat now. The weekend is
a good time to seek out common ground and find room for compromise on
some big issue.

Monday's the best time to speak up -- even if you're not totally sure
what you want to say! It could be that the words form in your throat
and surprise even you. The situation might get a bit overwhelming
midweek, but don't let that drag you down. You've got reserves of good
energy flooding in, and by Thursday you should be in the perfect place
to take on any romantic situation, no matter how big. You may need to
focus on yourself a bit this weekend, because your health is vital to
any relationship.